Professional services

Price list, as of July 1st 2020

Postal mail management

Forwarding of your mail by post (weekly mailing)
(included in Premium Pack)
14,00 € / mois
(excluding postage)
Daily sending of your scanned mail by e-mail before 12 noon
(included in Premium Pack)
25,00 € / 50 pages / mois
0,50 € / page au-delà
Postal charges for the forwarding of your mail by ordinary mail or, on request, by registered mail Actual costs
Advance on postal charges, paid at the opening of the service 50,00 €
Exceptional forwarding of your mail by courier in Paris 15,00 €
Production of an original extract from the Trade and Companies Register
(K-bis extract signed by the Registrar, original extract essential for the administrative registration of the domiciliation of activity by the postal services)
15,00 €
(of which €5.12 excl. VAT charged by the Clerk's Office of the Commercial Court)

Telephone line in reception mode

with dedicated number and searchable and customizable answering machine

Installation and setup 20,00 €
Monthly hosting, setting the times at which you want to be reachable, and call forwarding 10,00 € / month
Minutes forwarded to a landline phone 0,02 € / min
Minutes forwarded to a mobile phone 0,20 € / min
Personalised telephone secretarial services 50,00 € / 50 calls / month
1,00 € / beyond that
Advance on postal charges, paid at the opening of the service 50,00 €


Photocopies / printing / fax received (per unit) 0,10 €
Pack 100 prints / photocopies 8,00 €
Pack 1000 photocopies 70,00 €


Tea, Coffee 0,75 €
Coffee bottle 8,00 €
Meal trays On quotation

Stationery troubleshooting

Mechanical pencil 1,50 €
Ball Pen 1,50 €
Paper pad 1,50 €
3 envelopes (long, A5 or A4)€1.50
1 ream 500 pages 5,00 €

Ready-to-use legal document packs

Founding of S.A.R.L., E.U.R.L., S.A.S., S.A.S.U.
- Articles of Incorporation
- Decision to appoint officers
- Cerfa M0 forms, M0′ (and TNS if necessary)
- declaration of non-conviction of the officer(s)
- Information to the Registry, Taxes, spouse, etc.
- Status of acts
- And all the necessary forms ready to use
90,00 €
Transfer of headquarters Paris-Paris or Province-Paris
- General Meeting to amend the Articles of Association (notice of meeting, draft resolution(s), power(s) of representation, attendance sheet, management report, and minutes)
- Cerfa M0 forms
- Notice of transfer of seat
90,00 €
Secretarial services, accountancy, debt collection, website development, etc. On quotation